Photonyx Global Research

We have core competence in several advanced areas of Photonics. Industries, R&D Centers and academic institutions get profited and benefitted by achieving faster solutions cost effectively. Confidentiality of the research projects and IP are ensured through Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Contract Research We take up Contract Research projects on Solar Holography, Photonic Structures, Photonic Bandgap Materials, Digital Holography based Artificial Intelligence, development of - Diffractive Elements for Integrated Optics and Virtual Reality gears, machine readable security features for Travel Documents and Authentication, ultra-high security Currency Notes etc.
  • Research MentoringTwo-year Research Mentoring programs for academic institutions, by world renowned scientists and engineers. The program includes R&D mentoring, preparation of Projects in thrust areas for research funding, facility building and growth
  • Research Beyond We facilitate innovative minds, who have no formal education from universities, to conduct research and innovation.