Photonyx Global Specialised Solutions for Industries

We take up Contract Projects, Prototyping, Optics Design, Model Analysis, Vibration Mapping, Design and Development of Custom Opto-mechanics, Technical Consultancy, Tyre Foot Print Stress Mapping and Optimization, Precision Non- Destructive Testing, De-bonding Studies, Document Security Projects, Bank Note Design, Anti-counterfeiting and Authentication Projects, Ultra-real Heritage Archiving.

Industrial Training
  • Holographic Precision NDT: One month training on Holographic Precision NDT (covers digital and analogue holography)
  • Security Hologram Origination: Hands on training on Analogue and Image Matrix Hologram Origination
  • Display Holography: Display Hologram Origination and Production
  • Laser Safety: Certificate Course on Laser safety.