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Photonyx Global About Us

Photonyx Global is a US based company focused on research, innovation and hands-on education in Photonics and allied areas; leading to creation of cutting-edge technologies, products and solutions of global relevance.

The company offers a set of hardware products and technology solutions for the Photonics industry, R&D and academia. Photonics Global is a company of scientists and professionals who passionately promote photonics innovations for education, healthcare, industry and related networking, with special focus to emerging areas of lasers, photonic structures, green energy, artificial intelligence and robotics.
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Photonyx Global Research

We take up Contract Research Projects and support Industries, R&D Centres and Academic institutions in their research endeavours. Our Solutions oriented to R&D include Prototyping, Optics Design, Model Analysis, Vibration Mapping, Design and Development of Custom Opto-mechanics, development of high-end machine readable and artificial intelligence based security features for Document Security, Anti-counterfeiting and Authentication, and Technical Consultancy.

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Photonyx Global Our Team